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17 February 2005 Council wants to adopt its common position without majority
31 January 2005. we ask for renegotiation in Council (B-item)

Campaign against software patents

Software patents are a great problem for the software market, for free (and not free) software and for programmers and users in general. Despite the law does not allow to patent software, the European Patent Office (EPO) has granted lots of patents for software (estimated more than 30 000). It is not quite clear that these patents could be used on a lawsuit, but they cause fear and juridical uncertainity. And now the European Commission wants to change the law rather than have the EPO abide by the law. To that effect, it proposed a directive writen by the BSA (Microsoft, Adobe, etc).

In Caliu we are trying to stop it explaining the problems it would produce, picking up information, contacting the press, politicians, etc.

Directive Consequences

  • More monopolies and oligopolies in software. Less quality software, more expensive.
  • SME discriminated in favor of big companies, and some bussiness models rather than others.
  • Possible hidden changes in fiscality of software companies (and others).
  • Loss of competition in front of the USA and Japan.
  • Ineficiency for diversion of effort/resources from creative work to legal tasks. Great difficulties and law uncertainty on technical work.
  • Individual rights (freedom of expression and to be informed of citizens, working rights of software professionals).
  • Policy in information society, free software and technological development jeopardised.
  • Overload for the patent system. Reinforcement of an European Patent Office under little democratic control that accumulates criticism.

Unbelievable? Read a more detailed explanation of the situation.


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  • Web banners, images for physical banners, leaflets or stickers and other art against software patents. From the first online protest and from the second one.Other similar material.
  • Poster with patent examples.
  • OpenBSD v. 3.5 song (ogg, MP3 and text, in English) satirises the software patent problem they had.
  • A one hour radio program (in Real Audio, in Catalan) from the program l'Internauta about software patents (the week before the European Parliament plenary vote in frist reading in 24 september 2003).
  • Materials (audio, video, photos, several formats and languages) on the conference titled "Software Patents: the choice is yours" of 17 September 2003, just before the plenary vote in first reading in the European Parliament.
  • European Parliament JURI committee recordings. (Real Audio, but also ogg, I forgot in what language).
  • Photos and press clips from the 27 August 2003 demonstration in Brussels..
  • Annotated photos from the cofnerences in Brussels 7 and 8 may 2003.
  • Traditional German song Die Gedanken sind frei/patentiert sung by a lead singer of the Volksoper in Vienne


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