2 Answers. car. rocket. • They can do more difficult jobs because their mechanical advantage is greater. 1 decade ago. Everest Nepal. What Kind of Simple Machine Is This? an xbox 360. a tomato cutter . seasaw. Basics of Machine. 6 min. Favorite Answer. 0 0. mathbook. bicycle: pedals are levers, and the gears are wheels and axles. Examples of complex machines are bicycle, wheel barrow, crane, car jack, lawn mover etc. Anonymous. scissors: 2 levers . a durbish. In example 2, a standard bicycle utilizes multiple simple machines in order to function correctly. dpobyc. thats all i can think off >.< 0 0. Types of Simple Machine. Compound machines are inventions that utilize two or more simple machines. i can come up with a few. Just look at your stapler on your desk. car jack: handle to turn is a lever, and the screw that raises the jack is an inclined plane. what are 10 examples of a compound machine? In example 1, an inclined plane and a pulley are working together to raise and lower a load. Pulley Lever Wedge Screw Wheel and Axle Inclined Plane 20. Quick summary with Stories. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. mobile. Pushing, pulling, and lifting are common forms of work. Examples of Screws 19. Relevance. Some compound machines are scissors, bicycles, and can openers. 6 Simple Machines. Relevance. Answer Save. A wheelbarrow has (of course) a wheel and axle. Favorite Answer. Compound machines can do more difficult jobs than simple machines alone. In fact, most machines are compound machines. For example, a wheelbarrow is a compound machine. A bicycle. ship. Types of Simple Machine. ps3. Compound Machines • Compound machines consist of two or more simple machines put together. Learn with Videos. Pictured below are two examples of compound machines. Compound machines can do more difficult jobs than simple machines alone. 10 min. In science, work is defined as a force acting on an object to move it across a distance. Definition of a Complex Machine. That is one kind of simple machine. and computers. • Most devices are compound machines. 6 Simple Machines - define, examples & quiz yourself; Simple and Compound Machines By: Froilan Usman Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 1 decade ago. Look around you, and you are sure to find examples of complex machines at work. 1 decade ago. 1 Answer. Their mechanical advantage is far greater, too. What are 10 examples of a compound machine? Lv 4. airplane. Click the picture to enlarge it. Instructions: As a team, discuss some real-world examples of compound machines. A compound machine consists of two or more simple machines put together. Jul 21, 2014 - Extra resources for extending learning before or after playing Edheads' Odd/ Compound Machine game. Some examples are a pair of scissors and a bicycle., bottle opener. Still have questions? ps2. Compound machines have two or more simple machines working together to make work easier. Answer Save.

10 examples of compound machines

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