... 2020, The Acoustic Guitar Forum. The name comes from the idea that a bear has scratched at a tree, causing a cross-grain. And while the review model’s top isn’t as defined as some others you might see, the unique look from one guitar … Thoughts on Bourgeois guitars. Dana does offer definitive statements on many tonewood subjects. This guitar is based on one of the most iconic dreadnoughts of all. In bluegrass circles, its widened soundhole is considered to be a vital element in White’s tone and Bourgeois has replicated the widened soundhole and fretboard overhang of White’s guitar. I highly recommend that anyone that has even the slightest curiosity about how guitars are made take the time to review the sites quoted in the messages above. Bourgeois describes the beautiful, natural top as bearclaw-figured Sitka spruce. Bourgeois has taken inspiration from Clarence White’s 1935 Martin D-28.

bourgeois guitars review

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