1.0      INTRODUCTION The absence of short drying period and hygienic process of preserving our loide and sea foods is another issue, which has led to fast spoiling and give an electrical stove with an oven apartment to sufficiently address these problems. CHAPTER TWO: The complete chapter two of “design and construction of an electric oven ” is available. In this chapter all the related work on“design and construction of an electric oven ” was reviewed. There is no upper limit to the temperature obtained except the ability of the material to with stand heat. Order full work to download. In other words, we say that how materials could be heat up by microwave of microwave oven. Whether gas or electric, baking is essentially the same – the heat rises and cooks the food from underneath. In addition above, fuel consuming cookers and ovens have two outstanding deficiencies, namely; sooty pre-heating and problem of dogged nozzles which lead to offensive discouraging and dirty burning. CHAPTER THREE: The complete chapter three of “design and construction of an electric oven ” is available. And we talk about attentions for safe using of microwave oven. Happy viewing!!! Heat which is a form of energy is transferred across a boundary of a system and given to another system or surrounding at a lower temperature by virtue of temperature difference between them. Capital cost, running and maintenance cost of electric oven are low. These elements are enclosed in a steel box and controlled by the oven’s thermostat and selector switch. Order full work to download. Most of the malfunctions that affect electric ranges involve faulty heating elements. 5.0      CONCLUSION, RECOMMENDATION AND REFERENCES. Dr. --- THERMOSTAT: This is an electrical device design to heat up bend and open the circuit when excessive current flows and close the circuit when the heat reduces. Your donation is guaranteed to directly contribute to Africans sharing their research output with a global readership. DEDICATION A microwave oven, commonly referred to as a microwave, is a kitchen appliance that heats and cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave spectrum.This induces polar molecules in the food to rotate and produce thermal energy in a process known as dielectric heating.Microwave ovens heat foods quickly and efficiently because excitation is fairly … 7. It cannot be used where there is no electricity, since it make use of electrical energy. if yes, click "HERE", Do you have any question concerning our post/services? IF YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH OUR SERVICES, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND COURSEMATES TO OUR PAGE. The oven consisted of the oven chamber, racks, a heating element, a variable thermostat and a  suitable lagging material. Chapter three of “design and construction of an electric oven ” consists of the methodology. A critical analysis of the design was also carried out. between a minimum and a maximum number of minutes, it is appropriate to choose the … The oven consisted of the oven chamber, racks, a heating element, a variable thermostat and a suitable lagging material. Place the racks … This project is dedicated to Almighty God for his protection, kindness, strength over my life throughout the period and also to my --- for his financial support and moral care towards me.Also to my mentor --- for her academic advice she often gives to me. To View Our Design Pix: You can also visit our facebook Page at fb.me/hyclas for our design photos/pics. CHAPTER ONE Both of these ovens can use either natural gas or propane and are initially more expensive than electric ovens, however their running costs are considerably cheaper. Please use the link above to donate via Paypal. Chapter four of “design and construction of an electric oven ” consists of all the test conducted during the work and the result gotten after the whole work. 10.4 kW/cav-ity, 3/4 HP fan motor with two speed fan control. Equally too, the few available fuels are of substandard quality with the attendant danger of fire outbreak. In a hot water heated industrial oven the water travels through radiator coils to emit heat. This study is to devise a means of producing an electrical stove with three apartments to address the following: It also aims at making domestic cookers and ovens safe enough as against highly flammable liquid or gas fuel. Its importance borders around its function, which are as follows; It is expensive to operate in high volume operations. By (iii) Also as a means of preservation by heat application to perishable materials (organic and inorganic) in general. Above all, deforestation as a result of fire wood consumption is causing great deal of environmental problems in most regions of Africa. Australia, Botswana, Canada, Europe, Ghana, Ireland, India, Kenya, Liberia, Malaysia, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, United States, United Kindom, Zambia, Zimbabwe, etc AJOL is annually audited and was also independently assessed in 2019 by E&Y. Electric oven, heating element, lagging material, variable thermostat, International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences. Some appliances have visible elements that work at lower temperatures and don't glow; electric kettles, which never need to operate above the boiling point of water (100°C or 212°F), are a good example. The majority of electric ovens (regardless of type) will usually also feature a built-in timerfor more precise cooking and an interior light which h… Electric cooktops offer chefs consistent heat flow and 70 percent energy efficiency. The complete Project Material/writeup include: Abstract + Introduction + etc + Literature Review + methodology + etc + Conclusion + Recommendation + References/Bibliography.Our aim of providing this "design and construction of an electric oven " project research material is to reduce the stress of moving from one school library to another all in the name of searching for "design and construction of an electric oven " research materials. Other appliances have their heating elements completely concealed, usually for safety reasons. The spectrum is commonly broken into subgroups determined by the different wavelengths (or frequencies) and emission, transmission, and absorption behaviors of various types of waves. 1.2.1 HEATING EFFECT INTRODUCTION Microwave oven is one of the most widely used household appliances. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This work “design and construction of an electric oven ” research material is a complete and well researched project material strictly for academic purposes, which has been approved by different Lecturers from different higher institutions. Cleaning an electric oven. Electric ovens use a resistor called a heating element to create heat in the oven cavity. The oven was constructed using locally available materials and technology. It was then assembled and tested. This work d evelops a mini dual powered oven which is mainly made up o f the electric coil, the lagging material, temperatur e control and the gas burner. Dr. ---                                           Dr. --- You may find yourself with either a 3-wire or 4-wire electric oven. Save on material costs by shopping online or by choosing discontinued, odd … Copyright for articles published in this journal is retained by the journal. EE/H2013/01430 Do you want our Bank Accounts? This paper presents the design, construction and testing of an electric oven. Smaller, countertop-convection ovens also operate under the same principles, although they are used for less-thorough heating and cooking. This project is as a result of increasing interest. May Almighty God shield them from the peril of this world and bless their entire endeavour Amen. For more information contact us through Any of the following means: Mobile No :+2348146561114 or +2347015391124 [Mr. Innocent]. COUNTRIES THAT FOUND OUR SERVICES USEFUL APPROVAL PAGE In this modern world and its various invented means of cooking, it largely seems as if non has quite addressed this area by providing an alternative means of cooking and drying. If possible, buy a model that allows you to lift the bottom bake element for easier cleaning of the bottom of the oven. If your electric oven has a timer select the time recommended in the recipe. Ⅰ. Microwaves are actually a segment of the electromagnetic wave spectrum, which comprises forms of energy that move through space, generated by the interaction of electric and magnetic fields. I also recognize the support of some of the staff of --- among whom are: The General Manager, Deputy General manager, the internal Auditor Mr. --- and the ---. Fully Described Kitchen Electric Oven Installation with a typical 220 Volt electric circuit. Using the Self-Cleaning Feature Remove the racks and other items from the oven.

construction and working of electric oven

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