Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is a root vegetable that’s packed full of essential nutrients. Good companion plants for growing beets … Beetroot tops are edible. The roots need those tops, so don’t go knicking off with them while the beets are still growing… If you plant the top third in soil after dipping it in hormone rooting powder it may grow another beetroot. Beetroot has a wide variety … The useful tops. If you are eating them raw, young ones are the go. As a tasty vegetable, beetroot … Fertile soil is a must, so dig in or … If you cut the top third off a harvested beetroot and place it in water the leaves will continue growing and you can keep harvesting beet greens for a while. Although beets prefer growing in cooler temperatures, they still need at least 6 hours of sun to thrive. Just remember to change the water every few days. It’s easy to grow beetroot and they quickly mature, allowing you to go from seeds to plate in about 8 weeks. The leaves of some varieties are better tasting than others. Beets grow best in well-draining rich, loose soil. Planting Beet Tops. This combination has made it a very popular vegetable with amateur gardeners. Beetroot will grow well in most soil types, but it dislikes excessively alkaline or acid soil (simple do-it-yourself soil pH testing kits are available at good garden centres). Choose smaller, rounded varieties of beets if your soil is heavy or shallow. Growing Beetroot is easier than most other crops and is also one of the quicker growing crops.

how to grow beetroot from beetroot tops

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