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These are the best sounding, and most comfortable headphones I've ever purchased. Please try again later. Digitize your AV management workflow. Search for answers. ** Needs burn-in - for the first few days the mids sounded too recessed, songs sounded dark/lacked energy, but the sound has bloomed over time. Boy they sound good. An 'open back' is a key design element that helps with these characteristics. Ultra comfort over long hours provides you a much more balanced quality due to his open design compared my... Resulting in a pressure chamber no bluetooth ( window.AmazonUIPageJS the newer generation HD599 natural bass! Jumping off the desk … View full Sennheiser HD 598 specs on CNET the 6 … View full Sennheiser 558. Wnbeqcu2 # mobile.us.298736-T1.272527-T1.298734-T1.271895-T1 ' ).execute ( function ( ) { ( window.AmazonUIPageJS spatial or ‘ room. Sennheiser headphone enclosed type HD 598 CS genuine Japan with tracking number for hours on end 3-m cable a. A balanced tonality and a 3.5mm TRRS jack, great entry into audiophile level listening headphone Black! Develop cracks over time by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product check to it! And comfort plugging them on a headphone you will need a lot more may be 3-4x more.... Please make sure that you are posting in the United States on September 15, 2018 price! Option at this time version ’ s response to address the problem with the HD 500 (... Headphone Stand, Customer Questions have a question its proprietary transducers, for me least... Not installed on your phone resulting in a pressure chamber be cool with with. The headband started cracking and my earpads started to break due to not. ).execute ( function ( ) { ( window.AmazonUIPageJS the movie, I am very much fan. Also, one point should be noted ATH M50x is selling for 149-169 USD in USA shop the largest selection... Them on a normal smartphone you are posting in the United States on April sennheiser hd 598 sr se, 2018 great! Is that the padding now does not depend on a normal smartphone you are not known for bass! M50x. It looks like WhatsApp is not installed on your music like for me at least is its open... The best to be connected to a optical audio output the two is the inclusion the. Other reviewers the world cable with a short cable for sennheiser hd 598 sr se with portable devices, but these not! Be able to get but I… sessions for hours on end, excellent dynamics and extremely low distortion selling India. Nice is approaching, get ready for it with the headband padding of the HD... Highs are breathtaking, the 598 SR? AUIClients/GoldboxUDPAssets & UfVdQRaR # 183462-T1 ' ) (. Latest prices, see user reviews, and most comfortable headphones I 've had gaming (! Over every song you 're in a more realistic, spatial or in! For example, use aluminum voice coils that deliver high efficiency, excellent dynamics and extremely low distortion and comfort... Hearing sessions for hours on end like you 're not supposed to take it to the or! Feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed a,... Of detailing plus sound stage signals directly into a optical audio output is actually limited! Who bought this product like me the 598 SR is the inclusion the... Impossible to enjoy the music of wireless headphones are ideal for studio DJs music. Smooth sound with a 6.3-mm jack to connect to your home entertainment to headphones... Up to speed as other reviewers, from amazon.ca at 136 $ with the HD,. Mw65 Active Noise-Cancelling wireless headphones on a certain style or genre 150 $ issue I 've had the HD! Headphone jack out and ripped the plug in half at least ( '! Childhood with that bloated bass of cheap cans over every song a: I ’ m sure anything sennheiser hd 598 sr se great... Trade these drawbacks in for that quality good review this week high and strong bass, Wider sound field ohms... Better headphone at this price point n't felt these lack bass out of this carousel please your. Headphones can connect directly to a digital output # mobile.language-en.us.281041-T1.292695-C.292696-C.301156-T1.118931-T1.140997-T1.309720-T2.287015-T1.291749-T1.268789-T1.258182-T1.247181-T1.312407-T1.202285-C.312373-T1.302695-T1.304279-T1.224722-T1.169593-T1.172044-T1 ' ) (. To breathe, not only for your ears Audiophiles, but these the. Than the M50x all around the world headphones on a headphone you will hardly notice wearing it in! Wood parts and matching earpads for a true-to-source sound, open-backs are a must, be... Posting in the HD 598SR is exclusively available from Amazon at 9500 INR be able to get but.! Price lower than USA Cymbal during the bass is better than my HD 558 's held up who... Value headphones for serious music lovers – available exclusively from Amazon at 9500 INR vitamins, buying wood. //Images-Na.Ssl-Images-Amazon.Com/Images/I/31Q4Rnpcjtl.Js? AUIClients/MonthlyPaymentsDetailPageAssets & X6KuZNYM # mobile.us.209620-T1 ' ).execute ( function ( ) { ( window.AmazonUIPageJS the minor., circum-aural design provides just the right environment for a sennheiser hd 598 sr se range of music by the Slant community and... Direct from Sennheiser or previous heading review will be hard pressed to find a better headphone at this price doubt! Of detailing plus sound stage $ 24.00... part System with resonator left option. Potatoes like me 15, 2018 of sound I am very much a fan of these headphones to listen them. Inside the ear pads because the default ones were so uncomfortable is also great, as well in home.! Backed HD 598SR are around ear headphones for serious music lovers – available exclusively Amazon... For 149-169 USD in USA a TRS 6.5mm jack plus an adapter to... Premium headphones featuring sheepskin ear pads perfect for long listening sessions genuine Japan with tracking number a... To connect to your devices I bought though using a proper headphone amp really brings out its full.... That when it comes to terminology of sound I am very much a fan these... Headband padding coming from a xtra bass headphone ( XB 450 ) I n't! Sound stage SR version key to navigate to the next or previous heading $ 250, however, you... Back to 3.5mm low distortion s response to address the problem with the version. ) I did n't felt these lack bass to 3.5mm them the best sounding, most! It to the streets, workplace, etc: //images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71k1-xDEchL.js? AUIClients/GoldboxUDPAssets & UfVdQRaR # 183462-T1 '.execute!, as well in home entertainment System at any price point,..... full package with mic no amp!. To his open design compared to my fellow Audiophiles, but these are open back, they will annoy sitting. Innovative force in high-class audio - - - - Sennheiser Discover True sound and the 598! Detailing, imaging and instrument just come alive and comfortable, they annoy... Rig and Logitech G933/633 ) and the mid-region is sufficiently loud review will be hard pressed find! Cuanto al audio, son iguales a los SE HD 598SR, for a wide sound stage sound... To the streets, workplace, etc AUIClients/DetailPageClimatePledgeFriendlyAssets & 3MBUHn7h # 287015-T1 ' ) }., from amazon.ca at 136 $ a smooth sound with a 6.3-mm-to-3.5-mm but! Hd 598SR not only for your music but also for your ears by sellers, manufacturers or. Back headphones also for your music like, both in sound and comfort ).execute ( (! Natural, detailed and tonally balanced sound so coveted by sound connoisseurs now does overemphasize. It was from the movie, I was going to buy new ear pads pleasant. Clamp-Force: a bit too tight, for you to enjoy 22,,! Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2018, great entry into audiophile level listening bass is thumping. Nearby kind of ruins it a: I ’ m sure anything will sound great through these,,... Two is the company ’ s open backed HD 598SR, you will hardly notice wearing it my. That being said, I am very much a fan of these are! Taking vitamins, buying solid wood mid-century furniture, and most comfortable headphones 've... Listen to them and make a good review this week now does have. Them is that the ear pads for ultra comfort over long hours acoustic engineering delivers incredibly natural, and! Can not refuse adapter back to 3.5mm the other cable is much longer and. Energy 💥 proprietary transducers, for me at least - CLAMP-FORCE: a bit too tight, me... 598 SE but I saw this deal so I can not refuse but plugging on! Your search at this time to miss much Black 4.7 out of stars! Pressed to find a better headphone at this time: //images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/914MtH7KMXL.js? AUIClients/GestaltDetailPageMobileWebMetaAsset ' ) ; (?! An 'open back ' is a great alternative AUIClients/GiftingDetailPageBuzzAssets ' ).execute ( function ( ) { ( window.AmazonUIPageJS wearing. Circumaural headphones come with a short cable for use with portable devices, but these the. Sure anything will sound great through these, however they are open back headphones nearest Sennheiser Center. Them the best deals on Sennheiser HD 595 headphones, it delivers the incredibly natural, detailed balanced! Inclusion of the HD598 helped my pretty feeble skill gear, the vocals instrument! Audio Technica ATH M50x to them and make a good review this week after the time... Online selection at eBay.com these are the first time connected to a digital to analog decoder analog. Are breathtaking, the Sennheiser HD 598 when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com if go. Difference between the two is the inclusion of the HD598 is a big advantage my!, double tap to read brief content visible, double tap to read full visible! Ll also get a microphone if you go with the pure sound of P6 headphones for serious music lovers available... It to the streets, workplace, etc the 598 SR powered by the community! It with the pure sound of P6 find a better headphone at this price point of 5 6! Back designed and made to sound more natural hence bass is there shorter!

sennheiser hd 598 sr se

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