Travel Nurse Housing – Advantages and Tips for Company Provided Housing, The Ultimate Guide to Travel Nurse Agency Housing, Travel Nurse Housing – Tips for Securing Your Own Lodging, 5 Reasons Nurses Should Engage in Professional Networking, Top 10 Details to Include on a Nursing Resume and 2020 Writing Guide, Everything You Need to Know About the Travel Nurse Housing Stipend, How to Write an Effective Nursing Resume Summary, Appliances (washer/dryer, toaster, dishwasher, etc), They can’t or won’t provide a telephone number, They provide a Google Voice number (You’ll know because you’ll hear Google’s advertising when you call the number IF the subscriber has not modified Google’s default settings. Moreover, the vast majority of listings provide full contact information for the property manager. Our local service specialists can serve as virtual tour guides to your new city, and give advice on great places to eat, relax or whatever your time-off enables. Their long-term stay policy is automatically applied to all long-term reservations. If you take the stipend, our team is still a valuable resource for you and always happy to help share recommendations or answer questions. Ultimately, Craigslist is a classified-ad service. Therefore, you can focus on these properties as a way to avoid this issue. All property managers want to rent their properties ASAP. That’s because they typically offer the most amenities for the best price. First, some locations have laws that require vacation rental websites to collect and remit short-term property taxes. ... typically has limited rental properties available but for those that make the extra effort and connect with locals places to rent can be found. And for landlords who rent their space furnished, that’s a significant advantage over the three-night average a vacation rental might provide. In this scenario, you stay in a hotel, motel or Airbnb when you first arrive. The main challenge with taking stipend pay is finding housing within the budget allotted. Another advantage of extended-stays is that they do not require a lease. There’s no point for you to spend hours researching the neighborhoods and other granular details of each property when there is a very good chance that the property could be too expensive or unavailable. Usually, agencies send you two to three housing options to choose from (if available, and if you ask), but ultimately, they’re going to place you where is most convenient for them (aka currently available and the cheapest). on their own. Many people are fine paying 15%-30% more for a nice apartment versus an extended-stay hotel. Meanwhile, Airbnb’s average length of stay is 4.3 nights. Also, they do not require credit checks. The 13-week assignment is the industry standard. Here again, you could request to view the property simply to test the property manager’s response. As we mentioned above, these taxes vary dramatically by state, county and city. Tips for starting off a travel nursing job The first day of a travel assignment can definitely be stressful but it … The majority of rentals require lease terms of 6 months or longer. Finally, Furnished Finder offers a free Owner Verification Report. If you’re going to travel and you want to stay longer but you’re worrying your money will get shorter. Cable and internet are usually your own expense, although some companies do pay for that as well. Also, watch for advertisements that use British spellings like labour instead of labor or realise instead of realize. Overall, 41 % of residents are renters, and 29% have a Bachelor's degree. You can expect a similar percentage difference in most major markets. This page is for Travel Nurses and Medical Professionals to share information about places to rent … Always ask to make sure and mark items off your checklist. But if you want upgrades like two bedrooms, a vacuum or a washer/dryer in unit, you’ll have to pay extra. With that, you’ll probably need to find somewhere to live. This is because ULoop is actually a marketplace geared toward college students. There are two common housing scam tactics that are very difficult to deal with when you are remote. Next, evaluate the telephone situation. If you do choose to use them, then please note that many of the dynamics are similar to those we described for extended-stays. However, there are countermeasures you can use to reduce your risk even further. You can contact the host via Furnished Finder’s messaging system. Rental property applications typically require all this information. Find Seoul rooms for rent. When launching a travel nursing career, there are a lot of exciting things to consider and many choices that need to be made. These services aggregate listings from the various different vacation rental sites. This is why I recommend you do your due diligence before you leave for an assignment — it’ll limit housing surprises! Travel nurses can also post housing requests themselves and wait for property owners to respond. We usually find a vacation-type rental that is completely furnished and includes utilities, cable, and internet. Let the agency deal with housing, while you figure out everything else. Certain hotel receipts may not mention them either. They’ll email you with property owner information they retrieve from public records. Simply request to join and you will undoubtedly be added. That means both of you will lose out on the tax-advantage. This article will not cover each policy in detail. Be responsible, and do your due diligence before signing up, sending money, or agreeing to rent housing from any party. We tend to travel with most of these “extras,” but other travelers I know buy them cheap each assignment, so they have less to move with. When you choose stipend pay, you’re responsible for finding, booking, and paying for all of your own housing and the expenses that go along with it. By contrast, California has no state or sales tax on lodging. Simply create a craigslist account and post an ad for the city/state that you are traveling to. New. Hard credit checks can lower your FICO credit score. It’s also important to note that lease agreements may not mention short-term lodging taxes at all. Know in advance what the housing situation is going to be. The most lenient policy calls for a full refund if you cancel the booking more than 14 days in advance, a 50% refund if you cancel 7 days in advance and no refund if you cancel within 7 days of the start. 1 room Great Northwest (78250) No Fee. Also, view lists of local apartment communities and property management companies who offer short-term rental options to nurses. For starters, you can search through the advertisements in “rooms/shared”, “apts/housing”, “sublets/temporary” and “vacation rentals” under the “housing” section. Its a great way to travel on a budget and have a decent place … is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to locate and arrange temporary housing during your travel assignment. Upon your connecting with a possible lead, you should always ask them if they can offer a special rate given the duration of your stay. Travel nursing in pairs can make you the most money — one of you can take agency-placed housing and the other the stipend and split it, or you both take the stipend and find a place together. In fact, HomeAway does not have a dedicated long-term stay policy. Additional search filters include neighborhoods, different amenities and property type. Earn up to $2,300 a week at top-tier hospitals across the country! Never assume they include anything. Other common time-frames are 4, 6, 8 and 26 weeks. Disclaimer: We cannot and don’t pretend to check each listing for accuracy or safety. The strictest policy calls for no refund at all. For example, you might book the property for the first 30 days. Vacation rental hosts typically publish daily rates that fall between the rental market and the hotel market. First, you can try to negotiate a shorter notice period, 15 days instead of 30, for example. Finally, we’ll provide tons of resources to help you find your own travel nurse housing. I work/stay in South Lake Tahoe typically 3-4 days out of the week, so you would have a house to yourself most of the time. You’ll be quoted a monthly rate (around 30-31 days), but it’s paid out on a weekly basis on your paycheck. One of the great things about Airbnb (and similar sites) is that it comes with reviews. Research prices, neighborhood info and more on Travel nurses can browse the listings and conduct searches using the search feature Facebook provides for groups. Hotels and motels tend to be much more expensive. Travel nurses don’t want to hassle with setting up or closing out utilities at all. If you tell the landlord you’re going to leave, but then your current hospital offers you a surprise contract extension, then you could be stuck with an unwanted move if someone else already rented your current property. You want something clean, safe, and affordable, but where does a travel nurse go for short-term furnished rentals? However, we recommend that you not exceed 30 days. ... For travel nurse housing services, rely on Transplant Housing. First, instead of renting a space that has a room and a waiting room, you look for someone who is already renting that type of space. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Just renovate, Near Duke and Regional Hospital. 823 Houses and Rooms for Rent across all neighborhoods in Albuquerque, NM. Vancouver Head Office. First, the search features are inadequate. City dwellers often share apartments to help make their lifestyles more affordable. Of course, they are fully furnished. Simply search for the university from ULoop’s homepage and you’ll be taken to the classified ads for that university. This is going to be on a case-by-case basis. It will also help you make sure you have everything you need to maintain your lifestyle. Suite 908 – 938 Howe Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6Z 1N9 Phone: (604) 484-9122 Essentially, the scammers advertise a fake property and try to get you to send them money for it. Standard hotels and motels are another option for travel nurses. You can swap your home, you can rent a room, you can find an inexpensive studio in the heart of Rome or London on the very cheap. Thank you for the replies and information. Second, the amount of the lodging reimbursement varies by location, assignment and company. Furnished Finder has over 25,000 listings on their site. It’s important to note that the hotel industry defines an “extended stay” as a stay of 5 days or more. What About “Corporate Housing” for Travel Nurses? This list should include items specific to housing as well as items specific to your lifestyle. Second, you can verify the validity of the property and the landlord. Unfortunately, we do not know how other vacation rental sites handle this matter. This is a great place to find a short-term rental because the rooms rent like hotel rooms versus doing long-term contracts. For example, “Registered Nurse seeking accommodations for 13 weeks during a travel nursing assignment. San Diego; Seattle; Los Angeles; Boston Most assignments are booked within one to two weeks sometimes even one to two days before your start date. We refer them to This way, they can help mediate any disputes that may arise. Housing scammers typically try to mimic the behavior of real landlords or property managers. For example, if you stay with friends or family for free while you’re on assignment, then the lodging reimbursement is taxable income. I hope this helps!! 5 0 . Though a lot of the cities within the states are really […] List Your Property; Property Owners; Search Map; Explore. This is why it is so important for you to accurately compare pay packages. Also, read the reviews for mentions of problems and how the host handled them. Additionally, it’s important to note that most if not all travel nursing companies adhere to the same upper limits on tax-free lodging reimbursements. Either way, they are definitely the largest with over 7 million properties worldwide. So, you may get a different amount for each travel nursing assignment. We covered everything you need to know about the travel nurse housing reimbursement in another article. VRBO and are the most popular. Discover travel nursing assignments where you want to travel! The Finest Furnished Housing for Travel Nurses. Meanwhile, the published rates for Extended Stay America in the same area are $120 – $134 per day. If you have not considered all the risks and rewards involved with this decision, then please review our article on that topic here. These options include vacation rentals, shared spaces and sublets. We contacted our recruiter and the landlord, and someone was sent out that day to take care of the problem. Once you’ve lined up a travel nursing job, your next questions will probably be about where you’ll be living — and for good reason. Updated May, 12, 2020. Even better, request facetime or a video conference. The best approach is to message any property owner that has a property that even appears to be a good fit. Also, you must inquire about the specific features of the kitchenette. In any case, all of these advantages serve to reduce your financial risk. However, we encourage you to contact the property directly and request to speak to the property manager. Start your travel nursing adventure today! Second, you are protected by Airbnb’s “Guest Refund Policy”. Not free. I was talking to a travel nurse at my hospital today about needing a roommate. To cancel a reservation during your stay, you need to modify the reservation end date on Airbnb. These timeframes put travel nurses in a sort of housing limbo which can limit the housing options available to travel nurses. Travel Nursing: Places/Rooms For Rent. Transplant Housing has fewer listings than Furnished Finder. For example, many apartment complexes require a minimum lease of 6 months. Moreover, travel nurse housing involves many unique circumstances that make it more complex than normal. If all else fails, you can try using Google’s Reverse Image Search. Therefore, they can secure a traditional rental at a lower cost than you can. Or, you may be concerned that you could get caught in an online scam by booking sight unseen. If you prefer to arrange your own housing, have an RV, or plan to stay with friends or relatives, you are eligible for a housing stipend. However, if you want to research corporate housing, then here is a list of websites for your consideration: Renting an apartment or home directly with the property manager is at the other end of the spectrum from extended-stay hotels when it comes to travel nurse housing. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of the most important things to a travel nurse: cable and wifi! However, HomeAway charges the guest for ALL applicable taxes and fees for the entire reservation on the first payment. Private room for rent Sunshine Coast is a peer to peer listing site for those looking for shared homes or those looking for a flatmate. If housing is important to you, it’s important to know what your deal breakers are and be upfront with your recruiter about that from the start. Even though the stipend may sound like a lot, finding a decent, inexpensive three-month rental isn’t easy — often places charge a premium for short-term leases (sometimes double or triple the normal rent). The Ins and Outs of Travel Nurse Housing. The great news is that there are about 40,000 extended stay properties in the U.S. alone. I recommend all first-time travel nurses take agency-placed housing for their first assignment. If your assignment is in a large city, then you’ll likely be housed in an apartment community. These cities are more than just for work, but also places with enough entertainment, culture … This means that the door to your room is on the inside of the building. In fact, if you use hotels regularly, then booking directly with the hotel using the rewards program almost always guarantees the best rate. However, you must know that the host could simply break the agreement and refuse to refund you. A few ways to consider when finding your own housing: Most staffing agencies will give you two to three options to choose from if you ask — and if they have more than one available. First, it’s more difficult for travel nurses to find housing on vacation rental sites. The travel nurse housing stipend is one of the largest components of the travel nursing pay package. In some cases, there are no taxes, so there is nothing to worry about. That said, there are some general issues specific to vacation rental services for you to be aware of. It’s important to note that travel nursing couples face a unique set of circumstances that can make it worthwhile for them to secure traditional rental properties should they desire this option. Other travel nurses rent a standard apartment or house and then rent, bring, or buy furniture, setup utilities, etc. Simply create a listing, search and connect. However, it is a cost to the business. She has worked approximately 24 assignments in WA, OR, CA, NV and NM. Therefore, there is an opportunity for you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In fact, if you’re working with one of the largest healthcare staffing companies, then there is a very good chance that they get volume discounts on the apartments they work with. These types of rentals often include all housewares too, so we just need to pack our clothes. I’ve also heard of some agencies paying for cable and internet, though that’s not common. She estimated she was paying $2,850 per month including utilities. When it comes to cancellations, there are 3 distinct time periods that travel nurses should be aware of. Check it out! Usually, issues are more minor than this if they happen at all. However, most locations do not yet have laws requiring rental sites to manage the taxes. Overall, the website provides many of the same features as Furnished Finder. Top Areas. Moreover, the vast majority of apartment websites do not publish their lease terms or prices. We work closely with nursing placement consultants and companies to make payment quick and easy when a … Or, you can provide bank account statements if you’ve been able to save an impressive amount of money. Property managers can list their properties using standard group posts. You can join the referral program yourself using this link. Airbnb will still charge you for 30 days, but the host can refund you. American Mobile offers free, quality travel nursing housing options for travel RNs. HomeAway makes it very difficult for you to cancel your stay after it begins. Likewise, if you can’t find what you want for the stipend amount, you may have to pay a little out of pocket. Instead, the reason it is so important to consider these taxes is that they’re avoidable or refundable in some cases. Airbnb is a website of people hosting out their houses, apartments, rooms, tree houses, boats, you name it, to guests. This is a great place to find a short-term rental because the rooms rent like hotel rooms versus doing long-term contracts. Vacation rental and shared-space websites have become extremely popular in recent years. First, there are several ways you can use Craigslist for your travel nurse housing search. As we mentioned above, there are many vacation-rental services that travel nurses might use to locate housing. By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor. However, we recommend using them only for short-term stays unless no other options are available. Many landlords and property managers simply will not work with the shorter time frames. Just one long-term stay can add up to lots of rewards points! Therefore, you end up with higher net pay. In fact, you need a .edu email address to join. First, this article assumes you already decided to find your own travel nurse housing instead of taking the company’s housing. Therefore, it’s important to ask the property manager in advance because you might be able to save some money! Furniture and utilities are also problems when you find your own travel nurse housing. It also goes for “Peer-to-Peer” payment apps like Zelle, Venmo and Cash App. Housing has certainly become a dealbreaker for us — we won’t sign a contract until we know 100% what we’re getting into for housing. If you take the housing stipend and find something within that budget, then the answer is also yes. Travel nurses can create a profile and search for housing options using Furnished Finder’s property map. For many travel nurses, housing is one of the most important pieces of the pay package. It’s even okay to ask for references like former tenants. Now if we take the stipend, we try to find a landlord that will allow us an out in case of contract cancellation. Alternatively, you can search on vacation rental aggregators.

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